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Anxiety and Rabbit Holes…

I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole today.

DSC_0649 f.jpg

Not literally, you understand – one of the anxiety attack variety. I was all prepared to take a photo which would play with perception and then write a whole blog post about it (maybe another day?), when my brain turned traitor on me and pulled the rug out from under my feet (or, to match the photo, knocked me out of the tree I was in), and







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rambles and thoughts

New Year, New You?

2017 is over – goodbye, au revoir, adieu – and, truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole New Year situation (see: the correlation between NYE and panic attacks over the last 5 years). BUT! I am all for fresh starts and the shedding of pasts like old skins and the reassurance of having a second (or third or fourth) chance. I like the freedom of all the inspiring moments and achievements that are ready to wing their way to you and me this year (yes, I am including you, dear reader. You’re gonna smash it). However… I also feel the negative weight of (one of my least favourite phrases,) ‘New Year, New You’.

Let’s take a breath, for a second, and peek back at 2017 – I was, and I am, extremely fortunate, for it was a year full of ticket stubs and laughter and memories and courage and bravery and finding my feet that tiny bit more – and I want to continue to nurture all the good things I discovered (and many were small moments of rediscovery, thanks to the blanket of anxiety beginning to peel away) throughout 2018.

2017 memories

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rambles and thoughts

Can I Write or Can I ~Write~?

Settle in everyone, because it’s time for a bit of backstory.

Let’s all ignore the hideous shine on that bit of tape there…

Up until not too long ago, I would never consider myself as someone who could write. Sure, I enjoyed creative writing at school (which only happened on very rare occasions) and keeping a holiday journal when I was a kid, but what with English lessons at school slowly killing my love for words (and making me feel like I couldn’t understand anything at all), I found myself believing that I Couldn’t Write. Continue reading “Can I Write or Can I ~Write~?”