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Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading

I’ve mentioned before that I am a big fan of Disney. Big, big fan. So when I discovered (thanks again to the charity shop working) that there are several reading series created by Disney based on the films, the collector in me couldn’t not join in. My bad. Although, I have to say, after announcing (to my family) that I was starting collecting them, I didn’t know quite how many existed… so to save myself from collecting enough books to build a fort out of (although that is always SO COOL), I’ve restricted myself to only buying the editions with the original DWWR logo on them. Benefit of this rule is that I don’t have to own any Frozen books. THANK GOODNESS. Disadvantage of this rule is that for several titles, more than one cover was released (WHY), so not only do I have to keep an eye out for titles I don’t already have, I also have to look out for ones I do have, in case they have a different cover. Sigh. (I know, I need help.)


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book collection

Harry Potter

Let it be known – I am a certified Potterhead. As someone who grew up with the releases of the books, my entire family became fans of the series, but I… I took it to the next level, partly thanks to friendships cemented with a mutual love for the series, and partly because I was (read: still are) a bookworm-child hybrid.

Something else that I am weirdly obsessed with, is book covers. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, and I know the covers of books don’t affect the content inside (ie, the important part), but here I am, buying multiple copies of books just so that I have them in different covers. (Unless there’s a photo of a person on the front. Not a fan of that. As I was discussing with a manager the other day, I can cope with illustrated people on covers, but real ones… I’ll pass, thanks.) (Yes, I know I’m weird. Let’s crash on.)

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