monthly wrap up

October Wrap Up and November Reading Goals

Well. It’s safe to say that I majorly failed at updating my blog this month. Whereas last month I had no finished posts and felt guilty, this month I finished said posts… and then didn’t post them (therefore maintaining the guilt). GOOD JOB, ME.

October has been a bit of a weird month – I’ve found myself thinking “it’s been a funny old day…” every day (yes, in full on Open All Hours style, only not whilst dismantling the outside display of a corner shop. Wow, I’ve just thrown a lot of readers…), and has been a mix of intensely busy (work, events, and two weekends away) and low-key anxiety filled days – to the point where I can’t really remember the start of the month, and I’m convinced it didn’t actually occur.

Rambling sentence aside, I’ve read a total of 8 books this month (/half a month, if the conspiracy theories are indeed true), with about a 75% enjoyment rate (yes, I just did some maths to figure that out. See kids, you do use maths as an adult… *cough*), which I count to be a success.

Books read in October:


Favourite reads:

THE GIRL IN THE TOWER- I mean, *ahem*, I really enjoyed The Girl in the Tower… This is the sequel to The Bear and the Nightingale (review to come in Nov!), and I love this series so much! Kid Normal was a lot of fun, and I found Popular a really interesting read. Max and the Millions is a small gem that will be released next year (I think?), and Lying About Last Summer has confirmed Sue Wallman as a favourite author of mine (although I managed to spoil the entire book by flipping through it before I’d started – I mean, honestly?!)

Looking ahead to November:

As you can clearly tell, I still haven’t read The Winner’s Curse… I am determined to read it before the end of the year, as well as finishing We Capture the Castle (which I started way back). As I’ve typed it here, you can all hold me accountable to those small goals. Please and thank you.

October also brought me some Very Exciting book mail, in the form of BOOKS FOR ME TO REVIEW. Yes, sound the trumpets, get the broom out to sweep up the confetti that’s about to fall from the sky (oop, there it goes), etc… the lovely people at Barrington Stoke have added me to their blogger list, and I received two books from them (sneak peek – I started on my review for one today!), and I was super fortunate to receive a proof copy of the much anticipated Renegades by Marissa Meyer, which I am cannot wait to start reading.

I also have Invictus by Ryan Graudin to finish, as well as Rupi Kaur’s second poetry book, The Sun and her Flowers. Lots to do! Let’s crash onnnnnnnn.

What did you read in October? And what’s on your November TBR pile? Let me know in the comments.



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