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September Wrap Up and October Reading Goals

Another month gone by, another blog post to write. September ended up being incredibly busy (lol @August-me), and I didn’t even get 10 books read! Oh, woe is me. Saying that, I did read 8 books, and considering there was a week or so in the middle of the month where I was here, there, and everywhere, I guess it’s not surprising that I didn’t fit any more books in. 8 is still a good number to have read. September also featured the third meeting of Bears Books (we have a twitter now. How exciting!), and I attended the Lush Book Club, which was Anna James in conversation with Kiran Millwood Hargrave, aka one of my Favourite Authors Ever (see here for my review of her second book, and here for a few photos from the event), plus there were many book launches, book purchases (*ahem*) and even a publishing conference. No wonder I’m knackered…!


Books read in September:

Favourite reads:

I started off the month reading a truly exceptional book – Frances Hardinge’s latest, A Skinful of Shadows. It was oh so good, and you should probably* go out and buy one of the beautiful hardbacks asap. (I was lucky enough to get to attend the launch for ASoS, which was held in a crypt and there were mini cakes that matched the cover to take home. Launch goals, right there.)


Other commendations should go to Tangleweed and Brine (a brilliant collection of fairy tale re-tellings; dark and beautiful, I simply devoured this book. In fact, I finished it on the train to the ASoS launch, so was in the perfect mood to match the atmosphere in the crypt), Raymie Nightingale (a understated story that already feels like a classic – a wonderful tale about friendship, that I absolutely flew through), and Roller Girl (10/10, fantastic, one of the best graphic novels EVER (imho). A feel-good story that cheered me up no end, the perfect companion to Squirrel Girl). Phew, that was a looong sentence!


*I say ‘probably’ because I don’t actually know what your reading taste is. If you like YA and lyrical prose and slight spookiness and bears and wonderful main characters, then you should definitely go and get it. Off you pop, now.

Looking ahead to October:

Remember last month when I said I would read The Winner’s Curse… yeah, that didn’t happen. I’m hoping october will be The Month! Plus, I need to read the books borrowed from work (only a few left, and then I can raid the shelves again! Oh the excitement), I need to finish The Girl in the Tower (the sequel to The Bear and the Nightingale), and I’d like to read one of Leigh Bardugo’s new books that came out in September. October’s book for Bears Books is The Tenth Man by Graham Greene, which is definitely a different read than my usual choices, and I’m interested to see how I get on with it. Wish me luck!

What did you read in September? Are any of my September reads on your tbr pile? Let me know in the comments.



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