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July Wrap Up and August Reading Goals

What’s this? Another month has come to an end?! Seriously, July has  f l o w n  by and has been such a busy month – reading included! You may have noticed, dear blog reader, that I haven’t posted much this month (the fact that there are reviews from last month’s wrap up that I haven’t finished is a bit of a sore point for me at the moment. I’ll get on that asap…), mainly because I have had extra shifts at work, and also because I did a LOT of reading in July. (Yay, go team!) Including the 2 books not pictured below (both borrowed from, and read at, work), I finished 16 books. I also failed at getting to YALC (can I take this moment to publicly apologise to my managers for having to work with a Grumpy McGrump whilst YALC was happening), but let’s not dwell on that any more.


Books read in July:

Favourite reads:

SO MANY GOOD BOOKS THIS MONTH. Seriously, how do you expect me to choose just one?! Fine, fine, my top five (YOU CANT STOP ME) would be Nevermoor, The Creakers, One, Gum Girl, and Lorali (and See How They Lie. TOO MANY GOOD’UNS). Nevermoor is possibly the Best Book I’ve Read All Year, and is definitely one to watch out for when it is published later this year (despite the rubbish cover that I mentioned here).

Looking ahead to August:

Apart from the mountain of reviews and posts that I want to write (including a birthday haul that I can finally, finally do), I’m also going away for a few days (ie time when I think I can get lots of reading done and I get zilch read), so I definitely need to knuckle down! I’ve picked up some graphic novels this month, which I’m looking forward to reading in August, and I have the first meeting of a new book club that some friends have started (yay for bookish friends!). There was talk of expanding the book group to be open to everyone, wherever you are (possibly via the wonder that is instagram), so I will keep you updated with everything to do with that. This August will also have my first work-iversary (that’s a thing, right?) which (I’m hoping) will include cake, as it is a well known fact at my work that booksellers love cake. (Seriously, if you ever want a bookseller on your side, send cake. Or chocolate. Or biscuits. Or all three…)

What are your favourite reads from July? Drop me a comment or give me a recommendation, and let’s chat books!


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