book review

See How They Lie by Sue Wallman

Rating: 5 stars

Very recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Sue Wallman, however I wasn’t told until after the event. Yes. That’s right. I had the chance to chat books with an author and I failed to do so. I humbly accept the Idiot of the Year Award, and will add it to the collection. Regardless of my foolish move, the next day as I was preparing to leave work and was trying to pick a book off the proof shelves to read on the way home (“Just pick one Helen, you just need one” – me to myself, 100%), I spotted See How They Lie and thought maybe I could semi-recover from my social fail by reading one of her books. Consequently, I humbly accept Helen’s Best Idea of the Year Award (first time for everything) because this book is seriously good.

DSC_0333It’s true to say that I don’t read many thrillers, but after this one I would like to channel my inner Ariel and say I. Want. More. Even after accidentally having the entire plot pretty much spoiled for me from the get go (10 pages in I found a scrap of paper on which my manager had made notes of key plot points as she read through…) I didn’t realise the significance of the words on the note until much later on (the Idiot of the Year Award was justifiably won, apparently), and was completely hooked the entire time (proof of this is that I even took an earlier train into work so that I could sit on Richmond Green and finish it before I started my shift).

Set in a wellness retreat for teens (called Hummingbird Creek), the book centres around Mae, whose father runs the Creek. As she and the other staff children aren’t supposed to befriend the patients (as this could alter their recovery time), Mae spends most of her time with Drew, discussing what their lives will be like after they leave the Creek for college, and dabbling in a little bit of rebellious rule breaking. But after they are caught smoking one day, the consequences of their actions result in Mae starting to question if life at the Creek is really as idyllic as it seems…

After setting the scene in the first part of the book, the story unravels the truth hiding behind the Creek’s (seemingly beautiful) exterior. The reader learns everything at the same pace as Mae, meaning that you are as desperate as she is to discover what is really going on. I’ll definitely be counting down the days until my next day off so that I can get Lying About Last Summer from the library, and I can’t wait to read anything else that Sue writes in the future.


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