book review

Lorali by Laura Dockrill

Rating: 5 stars

As already established on this blog, I am a bit of a mermaid fan. Weirdly, though, it took me a stupid amount of time before I started reading Lorali (I have to thank the sequel appearing at work for finally pushing me into starting it) – but holy moly, me oh my, it was completely worth the wait.


Rory Francis has lived in Hastings his whole life, and, on the morning of his 16th birthday, he doesn’t expect anything special from his hometown. So when a freak storm causes him to seek shelter beneath the pier, he soon discovers that someone else is hiding – and not just anyone, but a mermaid

Lorali may be a princess under the sea, but after a life-changing truth is revealed from her past, she is determined to surface (ie, gain legs). Pursued by mean pirates and some really mean pirates, Rory must help Lorali stay out of harm’s way, aided by one of his best friends Flynn, and Flynn’s ‘crazy’ grandad, Iris.

Flicking between Rory, Lorali, and the sea’s pov (yes, that’s right, the sea has a voice), the story beautifully weaves together a tale (pun unintended) of first love, standing up for yourself (apparently I am on a pun roll), and learning about who you are. I am definitely going to pick up the sequel.


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