book review

Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth

Rating: 3.5 stars

Before I begin: holy moly, this proof is beautiful! The colours of the cover and sprayed edges make it a visual feast. All of the heart eyes.


Tash lives in Tibet under strict rules – don’t run in front of a soldier, never look at a soldier, say as little as possible, and never, ever say the banned words: Dalai Lama. A little reckless, very headstrong – but with her heart firmly in the right place – Tash and her best friend, Sam, are desperate to help her parents by joining the resistance and report all the unspeakable truths to the world. But when a scene in the marketplace causes Tash’s parents to be taken by soldiers, she and Sam set off on a dangerous mission to get to the border, to get to India, and to get to the Dalai Lama.

With soldiers and snipers around every corner, can Tash and Sam trust anyone to help, and will they manage to navigate the Himalayas and get over the border safely and intact?

Running on the Roof of the World grabbed me from the first page and didn’t put me down until the end. Full of adventure, hope and a ‘never take no for an answer’ attitude, coupled with the beautiful cover and chapter breaks, I sped through this book like I was flying.

(My only negative thing to say – the length of the chapters. A personal pet peeve of mine is a one or two page ‘chapter’, and this book had  l o a d s  of chapters like that. For younger readers, I imagine this would be no problem, and, after all, it is for younger readers, but it did hold me back from a full 4 stars. As did the neatly-tied-up-in-two-chapters situation. Not gonna lie. Dammit!)



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