book review

Good Dog McTavish by Meg Rosoff

Rating: 4 stars


Barrington Stoke, who published this book, state that it is Super Readable – and I have to say, I completely agree. As one of the leading names (to my knowledge, so please don’t quote me on that) in publishing books designed for people with dyslexia, visual stress, and print-access issues, Barrington Stoke creates books for all ages, printed on slightly thicker paper (so no bleed through of words) and with a super readable (see what I did there?) font, to help everyone and anyone enjoy the wonder of reading.

Good Dog McTavish follows the story of the Peachey family, and how their world is turned upside down one day when Ma Peachey decides she wants to retire from being ‘mum’ – there is too much responsibility and tasks, and not enough thanks or time for yoga, for her liking. The family soon descends into chaos – apart from Ma, who is becoming a yoga expert – so the youngest member, Alice decides to take things into her own hands, and help put the family back together.

Her solution? Adopt a dog.

Now this may not sound like the obvious answer, but her logic behind it is that with the responsibility and routine that owning a dog will create, the family will regain its former stability.

Enter: McTavish.

Now McTavish chose the Peachey family very carefully (after all, it is the dog who chooses the family, not the other way around), and knew from the start it would be a tricky task. But with his lovable nature (well, at least Alice and I found him lovable, the rest of the family… took a bit of warming to him) and smart plans, he is sure he will be able to get his way, and get the family back together, in no time at all.

This was such a fun read! The mixture of third person POV and McTavish’s POV made it quirky and extremely enjoyable. Perfect for those who love stories about lovable dogs, or just enjoy gentle comedies about negotiating family life – I highly recommend it!


(This review is also published here)


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