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Harry Potter

Let it be known – I am a certified Potterhead. As someone who grew up with the releases of the books, my entire family became fans of the series, but I… I took it to the next level, partly thanks to friendships cemented with a mutual love for the series, and partly because I was (read: still are) a bookworm-child hybrid.

Something else that I am weirdly obsessed with, is book covers. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, and I know the covers of books don’t affect the content inside (ie, the important part), but here I am, buying multiple copies of books just so that I have them in different covers. (Unless there’s a photo of a person on the front. Not a fan of that. As I was discussing with a manager the other day, I can cope with illustrated people on covers, but real ones… I’ll pass, thanks.) (Yes, I know I’m weird. Let’s crash on.)

But back to Harry. I’ve seen the films, got the DVDs, been to the studio tour (twice – the first time I came home with over 600 photos on my camera’s memory card), bought a house scarf (Hufflepuff PRIDE), visited the amazing House of MinaLima, told a friend that we WILL be going to the Wizarding World when I next visit her in CA – but when it comes to the books… heart eyes. Heart eyes EVERYWHERE*. So much so, that I currently have 5 different collections of the books. Yes, you read that right. F i v e. Friends look at me weirdly, sigh loudly, and generally worry they will find me buried under a Potter-avalanche. Long story short, I should join a Potterheads Anonymous. (It’s okay, I judge myself for my obsession too, don’t worry.)


But worse yet – my. collection. is. not. complete.

That may sound like I have plans to get every single edition and cover and translation out there**, but in reality, all I mean is that for only one set of the series do I own all of the books.


The idea of collecting the American editions was started when I found the first and third (original US paperbacks) in charity shops – and this was back when the series was either not finished, or had only recently finished. Fast forward to last year, and I began a working in a charity shop, and that’s where I’ve picked the rest of them up from. (Sidenote: I’m currently on a new-book buying ban, so I only buy second hand books.) I know I could trawl the internet and complete the collections (and maybe one day I will be desperate enough to want to do that), but for now I’m enjoying the hunt to find the books I’m missing – also, where else would I be able to get the original UK paperback of Fantastic Beasts for only 49p? Not on the web, that’s where. (Although, the original US hardback of FB and Quidditch Through the Ages are freaking beautiful and I feel like I may cave and buy them. Ahem.)


Okay. This post is a lot longer than I was anticipating. I guess I just really love to talk about Harry Potter…

TL;DR – I have too many copies of Harry Potter. Look at the photos. That is all.


*although, saying that, I fell a lil out of love with the series as it progressed. Controversial, I know, but after the fourth book, in all it’s doorstop chunkiness… I dunno. Maybe they got a bit dark for me when I was reading them? But hey, I still love it all.

**mainly because that would be a) waaaay too expensive, and b) take up waaaay too much space. I do not have my own library (yet).


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